When it comes to buying real estate, it is important to have professional advice and representation. Sam always keeps your interests first and foremost to make sure you are protected and comfortable during the entire process. Best of all, these services are FREE TO YOU because Sam is compensated by the Seller.

Sam's buyer services include:

- Committment to Putting Himself in an Agency Agreement to Represent You
- Provide Market Knowledge to Consult You on Property Values
- Show You Properties Available on the Market including For Sale By Owner Listings and New Construction
- Review Purchase Contract so it is Accurate and You Are Protected
- Arrange for and Attend All Home Inspections
- Confirm Any Repairs and Corrections of the Purchase is Completed Properly
- Access to VIP list of Affiliates such as:
       Provide Reference to a Insurance Broker for Your Home
       Provide Reference to a Lawyer for Property Transfer and Closing
       Provide Reference to a Moving Company
- Attend Closing to Make Sure Your Home is Delivered to You in the Agreed Condition

Sam will also shop and help you secure the best possible rates and terms for your unique individual situation. He has multiple sources including the Sutton Member Program (SMP) and Mortgage Specialists on hand ready to help you answer any questions you may have.